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porch our starting point and commons
drool Colin Firth and Fan Fiction (firth.com)
geo Wonders of the earth and space 
tv What's on tv? Favorite tv shows (tvreviewer.com)
news Iraq, Bin Laden, George W.Bush
sports College and NFL football NBA Action
radio AM and FM, NPR,
austin live music capital of the world

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Hot Springs Arkansas
War in Iraq
Colin Firth
Beyond Planet Earth   

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apps Best Internet software applications
art Visual arts painting drawing sketching.
austin All about Austin Texas.
babes hot, sexy actresses and models
books Fiction nonfiction all types of books
bronte The Bronte Sisters
cars Discuss our motored friends. Automobiles.
computer motherboards, cpu, memory, peripherals
crafts Handicrafts and folk-art conference.
cultures Around the world spiritual influences. William Meyers
drool Discuss your favorite movie stars like Colin Firth
education secondary, primary, college and university
farrawae Mike Griggs conference
farm Discussion the Farm in Summertown TN
fitness running, bicycling, weights, exercise and diet
food Yummy! Italian vegetarian diet cookbooks recipes and more.
garden vegetables, herbs, soils, growing food
genx The generation
geo Earth sciences and environment. With Marci and John as hosts
health Eyes ears nose throat illness recovery.
history the Middle Ages, prehistoric times, modern times
home renovation, new construction, real estate
homepage home pages and blogs
internet Telnet FTP all about the internet except the web.
justice the legal system
media Print and electronic journalism.
motorcycle Harley, Honda, BMW and other bikes and bikers
movies Let's go to the movies. Foreign films new releases reviews videos production
music Jazz rock country reggae r&b rap disco classical more.
news News of the nation state world
parent kids, teenagers, parenting, birthing
phinished for PhDs and post grads
poetry Poets and their poems and poetry in general.
photo Photoshop, digital photography, image production
politics Political life worldwide. Democat and Republican
porch Our commons and launching pad
radio Talk radio ham radio radio stations radio technology.
restaurants All flavors of places to eat. Mexican Italian French American pizza
spirit Buddhism Zen Protestant Catholic paganism atheism.
sports Football baseball basketball hockey
SpringArk animals
today the news of today
travel  Airlines Texas France England Hawaii Missouri California Canada Vancouver NY
TV Television Survivor Apprentice Alias Smallville
Linux Microsoft Windows 2000 XP FreeBSD Gnome
vc Virtual communities like the WELL Echo the River and the Spring
web World-wide web hot spots searching and exploring.
windows Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP

Content of Interest
Bridget Jones Diary   
The Bucket    
Jane Austen   
Colin Firth
Ark-world of animals    
Karen Flaherty   
TheFarm Geo    
Texas Wine 
Terry & Dot Photos
Hot Springs Arkansas

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Angry Bear
Big Left Outside
Blogging of the President
Bohemian Mama
Burnt Orange Report
Bush2004 Bloki Blog
Cam World
Cut to the Chase
Daily Howler
Daily Kos
east Bushistan
Jack Cluth
Joe Trippi
Juan Cole
Liberal Oasis
Mark Kleiman
MaxSpeak You Listen
Progressive Nation
Talking Points Memo
Whiskey Bar


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Weeds - new season starts August 2006

Topic Resps Subject
    1    70 Howdy! Introduce yourself (terry)
    2   187 Favorite TV Shows/Miniseries (Kali)
    3    48 Northern Exposure (terry)
    4    88 X-files (terry)
    5    30 Seinfeld (terry)
    6    22 Home Improvement - the tv show (terry)
    7     2 Is there any feedback for Austin TV News? (failte)
    8    93 What are you watching on tv right now? (terry)
    9    15 Politically Incorrect (terry)
   10     3 Please help me save SLIDERS, and I'll help you save your favorite show! (crestgirl)
   11     2 Monkey! (Howell)
   12    42 marvelous Marv Albert, or maybe not so marvelous (terry)
   13     6 Nightline with Ted Koppel (terry)
   15    23 suggestions for new topics (terry)
   16    37 SNL - Saturday Night Live (terry)
   17     7 Golden Globe Awards - tv only (terry)
   18   126 Calista Flockhart - Allie McBeal (terry)
   19    38 Cow and Chicken (riette)
   20    60 Favorite Cartoons (Wolf)
   21    26 ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! (riette)
   22    13 Ruby Wax (riette)
   23    10 Ushuaia: The Ultimate Adventure (terry)
   24    19 Millenium (ratthing)
   25    13 What did you see on tv lately? (terry)
   26    53 what's on tv tonight or coming up (terry)
   27    61 Videotape movies - what's out now (terry)
   28     5 Sundance (terry)
   29    65 Titanic (terry)
   30    21 Dean Truitt's capzeyez.com(terry)
   31    59 Any comments? (stacey)
   32    36 Star Trek (wolf)
   33    49 Sex in the City Sarah Jessica Parker (terry)
   34    12 farscape (KitchenManager)
   35    13 TV tech : from the very beginning (MarciaH)
   36    67 New tv season 1999-2000 (terry)
   37    46 Action (terry)
   38    23 West Wing (terry)
   39    34 TIVO and Replay TV - the new age of tv? (terry)
   40     7 tvreviewer.com - a Spring website (terry)
   41    11 good stuff on PBS (terry)
   42     8 King of the Hill (terry)
   43     9 Sports Night (terry)
   44     6 top tv actors (terry)
   45     5 tv websites for listings and reviews (sprin5)
   46     7 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (sprin5)
   47     5 Charmed (sprin5)
   48     1 Dawson's Creek (sprin5)
   49     3 Dharma and Greg (sprin5)
   50     8 ER (sprin5)
   51     7 Friends (sprin5)
   52    12 Survivor (sprin5)
   53    31 Temptation Island (sprin5)
   54     5 The Mole (sprin5)
   55    11 Survivor - the Australian Outback (sprin5)
   56     1 Satellite tv (sprin5)
   57     9 Mists of Avalon (terry)
   58     3 Emmy Awards (terry)
   59     2 remotes (terry)
   60     2 new technology (terry)
   61     2 Xena (terry)
   62     2 Survivor: Marquesas (terry)
   63     2 Six Feet Under (terry)
   64    18 Coupling (terry)
   65     2 Hawaii Five-O (terry)
   66     3 Bill Clinton talk show on NBC? (terry)
   67     2 Science Fiction "sci fi" on tv (terry)
   68    15 Inside the Actors Studio (terry)
   69     9 Janni Smith -  (terry)
   70     5 Big Brother (terry)
   72     6 Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David (terry)
   73     2 Sean Bean 1991 Clarissa (javahotpot)
   74     7 Smallville (terry)
   76     2 David Letterman (terry)
   77     6 Tonight Show with Jay Leno (terry)
   78     7 CSI (terry)
   79     2 24 (terry)
   80     6 Sopranos (terry)
   81     3 Connections James Burke documentaries (AlFor)
   82     2 John Doe (terry)
   83     5 The Bachelor/Bachelorette (KarenR)
   84     1 Survivor Amazon (terry)
   85     2 HBO (terry)
   86     3 TV sets and TV gear VCRs tuners etc. (terry)
   87     2 Survivor - Pearl Islands (terry)
   88     6 Alias (terry)
   89     8 Battlestar Galactica Revisioned (terry)
   90    42 Peoples Choice Awards CBS (terry)
   91     3 top 100 comedians (terry)
   92     6 Apprentice - Donald Trumps ratings (terry)
   93     6 Don Imus in the Morning - MSNBC (terry)
   94     7 John Stewart - The Daily Show (terry)
   95     1 Bill Maher (terry)
   96     2 Desperate Housewives (terry)
   97    43 Lost (terry)
   98    23 cooking shows on tv (terry)
   99     2 HDTV - high definition tv (terry)
  100     4 Mark Cuban - Is the Benefactor (terry)
  101     3 The Office (terry)
  102     8 Google Video (terry)
  103     3 Amazing Race (terry)
  104     6 news - network and cable (terry)
  105    12 Invasion (Weds on ABC) (terry)
  106     1 Threshold - CBS Friday (terry)
  107     1 Reunion - Fox on Thursdays (terry)
  108     4 Boston Legal (terry)
  109     8 Reality tv shows - the rest (terry)
  110     4 Surface (terry)
  111     3 Other tv award shows (terry)



cchome004.jpgHome/meeting center/retreat for rent in Cedar Creek, Texas This is a gorgeous central Texas Cedar Creek (Bastrop) home with a swimming pool, 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and is surrounded by thousands of acres of open ranch land, fields and meadows.  Now listed for rent.  Looking for web developers and web designers to exchange work for rent.  Austin Texas area.  Call 512.581.9617


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The Spring Family of Websites.  Some of these sites need webmasters, authors and administrators.  Many of them are available as your email address.  Some are under development.

afirthianado.com Colin Firth
Susa Glenns art fabric supply in the Texas Hill country
Roger Didios story of the legendary Atlantis
Find out about that movie or tv part
austen.com Jane Austen center of the webverse
austinblogger.com An Austencentric weblog. New! Vote for Austin's best blog!
austinlifestyles.com What the rich, famous and eccentric do, tour their homes and see their cars
austinmayor.com Austin, Texas Mayor and City Council
amateur radio Austin Texas
austinshorts.com writers, poetry and short stories
barneyfrauenthal.com The Frauenthals of St. Louis, Mo
bastropbuilder.com Bastrop, Texas for builders, contractors and realtors and home buyers
bastroprealty.com Land and homes in Bastrop and Cedar Creek Texas
baylesshigh.com Terry's high school reunion site Affton, Missouri
bioregion.com The world's natural areas as opposed to artificial boundaries 
bonitapearl.com Buy pearls from around the world
   Bob Nagy webmasters this great exploration of Texas radio
bridgetsequel.com Bridget Jones new movie
bush2004.com George W. Bush and the 2004 race for President
catholic.be World's largest collection of Catholic links
Bill Johnson is a professional Austin, TX cat sitter
Children's Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes, and Stories
childrenstory.org prototype and experimental site
colinfirth.com Colin Firth the English actor/hearththrob
colinfirth.org mirror of colinfirth.com
cybersubdivision.com Our community in Cedar Creek (needs updating)
dropincharger.com Drop in charger ecommerce site 
drsingha.com  Mangala Searles mustard bath and other natural remedies
farmnetnews.com A memorial to Karen Flaherty
firth.com Colin Firth definitive fan site with news, reviews and discussion
firthfan.com fans of Colin Firth
fleecegoods.com Fleece Clothing ecommerce storefront/shop
gemgoods.com Gems and Minerals
gunturcomp.com Koti Nandipati's site
happyhollowmotel.com Hot Springs Arkansas
havelistings.com Ecommerce - what do you have to sell?
importanceofbeingearnest.com The movie starring Colin Firth
indytexans.org Linda Curtis Texas Independent group. Jeff Monks, System Admin
janhooks.com Jan Hooks from Saturday Night Live
leatherface2.com Bill Johnson in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
lemurianjade.com Lemurian Jade the stone, the rock
lemurianquartz.com Russian quartz for sale and the mystical story behind it Jane Ann Dow
lifespaces.com Dpark's future site, the people in to adventure travel and nature
Love Is in the Earth is Ames Doty's rock shop
Max Nofziger is our candidate for Mayor of Austin 2003
enabling responsibility in the political community
midnightwolf.com The Springs own "wolfie" who prowls our conferences
Fritz Blau's skateboard school and Austin, Texas postering business
mustardbath.com same as DrSingha.com see above
mysticalplaces.com Jill's website for her "little books" they are astonishing works
nkrao.com Koti Nandipati's website
orphanassist.com Helping the worlds orphan children
outsync.com The Spring's software company, synchronize your Microsoft Outlook
presbyterian.be Largest collection of Presbyterian links in the world
primoincense.com Indian goods and incense ecommerce site
repeater.org The world of repeaters and amateur/ham radio, esp Austin, Texas area
sacredscribescrystals.com goes to sacred quartz website.  Jane Ann Dow.
saveseed.com Save our world's native seeds and prevent geneticly engineered seeds
secretlaughter.com It's a secret!
starofficeportal.com Suns answer to Microsoft Outlook
stonedom.com Stones, gems, minerals, rocks, meteorites, jewels..  News, links, storefront
suzyamis.com Suzy Amis was one of the stars in Titantic
tenorite.com tenorite is an interesting choice, says Michael Flaherty - more rocks and stones
theartco.com Art for your home or office
theedgeofreason.com A site needing a purpose and some content
tribalsurvival.com A charity site to help the world's native people and culture
tvnight.com What's on tv tongiht?
tvreviewer.com What shows on tv do you like?
The Walhus, Frauenthal, King, Ebsworth, Cinader Family website History and Genealogy
wearfree.com A site needing a purpose and a webmaster/proprietor
We barter goods on the Net
webgirlvillage.com Just what it says, are you a webgirl looking for a village somewhere? Helen Epp.  Huge set of links to designers and more
wholetech.com Our storefront for high tech goods
wirelesscomputerheadset.com A headset that will let you access your computer speaker and microphone
wirelessvideo.ws The world of wireless video and cellphones
workontheweb.com How do you work on the web?

Spring acquires new Maui, Hawaii partner, Neil Coshever. Neil plans mauispring.com!

Spring announces "Tour of Texas" bike race and convention to be a Texas version of the Tour de France.  The race starts in Austin, Texas. The Spring has announced it will sponsor a Texas wide bike race next year that will cover 21 days and over 2,000 miles and have stages similar to those of the Tour de France.  It will cover the Hill Country, the Texas Coast, Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and other major metropolitan areas.  The Spring will soon be opening a new website called touroftexas.com to give details of the stages, provide and entry form for teams, and show the overall route map.  Negotiations are now underway with government, corporate and nonprofit groups for sponsorship and support to the event.  If you are interested in participating, please email info@touroftexas.com 

And congratulations to Lance Armstrong from the Spring and all its affiliate websites on winning the fifth Tour de France.  This is an awesome achievement for Austin, Texas, America and the world of cycling. And now for six in a row. He will go for it, Lance Armstrong says. He is preparing to win his sixth consecutive Tour de France by training more ferociously than he has ever trained before.Cedric Benson 

The Spring Football Pool topic is now open for the start of football season.   Watch for sophomore QB Vincent Young to come up big in passing situations in the coming season for the University of Texas Longhorns.

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Was Bush Wired?  The 2004 Presidential Election
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Words in search of something more  

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Deep, a poem

there's a place
I got him to clean it up
to build the fence
I remember I told him it was necessary
it was the final connection
back yard to front
where the path lay
quiet between the trees
a spring twilight
green tender
for sale
I'd cry for it there
and pray
for monks to appear
and they came

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